About us

Our history

The public organization "Jurat" was created on the initiative of a group of young activists in 2016. The organization was registered by the GBAO Department of Justice on March 14, 2016 (certificate No. 0000136, registration No. ICh-04-272).


Our mission

Contribute to improving the lives of people by increasing their level of well-being in society. We put emphasis on identifying the existing local potential through mobalization and use of human, natural and other resources to achieve sustainable development of society.


Our vision 

We are deeply convinced that until societies are mature and ready for change, no external assistance or other external forces will help in its transformation. Until the people themselves, society itself, has reached a sufficient level of self-awareness, self-improvement, perseverance, and determination to achieve the set goals, no progress is possible. Thus, we focus on deep knowledge, creative thinking, and targeted use of accumulated experience in order to realize our mission. Furthermore, we are consistently promoting alternative forms of development through complementary education, improving legal and financial literacy, learning and engaging in active transformation. "Jurat" aims to create the right conditions to integrate all members of society as active participants into the socio-economic, socio-cultural development  processes of the region, through the transformation from passive citizens to active participants. So far, our region's vast potential and resources have not been fully exploited, and their rational implementation will be an important tool in overcoming the social divide. The challenge however, is to prepare people to participate meaningfully in the resolution of critical issues so that they become the real masters of their lives.