In modern society, education is the most important tool to improve your social status in society as well as acheiving success. Learning is a never ending process that we engage in throughout our lives in order to adopt to the emerging challenges of society. 

With good quality of education, poeple can significantly expand their horizons as well as acquire the necessary experience that can set them ahead in life. An educated person easily forges connections with others, always believes in thier own strengths and experience, which allows them to cope with various life situations. Considering the fact that during the Soviet Union, the Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Region ranked as one of the first highest in terms of level education, and this is the most significant evidence of the bright gene pool of its population. Therefore, it is essential to remember these acheivements by our older generations and ensure that the younger generations also uphold these standards.

Our Courses

Computer science

Computer programmes directly affect every aspect of our lives; we rely on computer scientists for this. Computer Science jobs are lucrative and rewarding. Learn computer science with us.


English language courses

With English, you can study and work all over the world. Learn English with our teachers effectively and quickly


Financial literacy

Obtaining financial literacy is one of the most important things an individual can do to ensure prolonged financial stability. A strong foundation of financial literacy can help support various life goals


German language

German is the mother tongue of the largest number of people in Europe. Learning German will help you get a world-class higher education in Germany for free



Students must learn math to understand the way technologies are developed from the ground level and to learn the application of technology in our everyday lives. Learn math with the best teachers of Jurat.


Russian language

The Russian language has been and continues to be one of the world's languages. The Russian language gives us the opportunity to communicate with people around us, learn new things, share them with loved ones, read books and work.