English language courses

With English, you can study and work all over the world. Learn English with our teachers effectively and quickly

Why we should learn English? 

  • English is widely used as a global language for communication and business, making it important for cultural and economic exchange. 
  • It is also the language of the internet and a major language of science, technology, and aviation. 
  • Knowing English opens up many opportunities for education, travel, and employment.

English language levels

In English language learning, each level typically focuses on different skills, including:

  • Beginner: Basic vocabulary, simple grammar structures, survival English for travel and everyday life.
  • Elementary: Everyday conversation, understanding and using simple tenses, forming basic sentences and questions.
  • Intermediate: Expanding vocabulary, understanding and using more complex grammar structures, having longer conversations, and expressing opinions.
  • Upper-Intermediate: More advanced grammar, using idioms and expressions, reading and understanding academic texts, giving presentations.
  • Advanced: Refining language skills, using advanced vocabulary, understanding and using complex grammar structures, participating in debates and discussions, writing essays and reports.

English courses




  • 20 weeks
  • 60 minutes